2009 Swim Team Archive

2009 Schedule and Results:
Date Opponent Location Directions Results/Misc Sign Out
6/12/2009 Farmington Glen – FGAC FGAC map W: 351 – 220 Sign Out
6/18/2009 Woodside – WAC WHSC home L: 231 – 338 Sign Out
6/22/2009 Beachwood – BWRA BWRA map L: 240 – 335 Sign Out
6/27/2009 Farmington City Meet KC map All Times Sign Out
6/30/2009 Heart of the Hills – HHSC WHSC home L: 244 – 327 Sign Out
7/6/2009 Beverly Hills – BHAC BHAC map L: 236 – 342 Sign Out
7/9/2009 Beechview – BVSC WHSC home L: 278 – 286 Sign Out
7/18/2009 B Finals Waterford Mott map Results Sign Out
7/25/2009 A Finals – Prelims BWRA map Results Sign Out
7/26/2009 A Finals – Finals BWRA map Results Sign Out
Individual Times – Farmington Glen Meet 6/12/09

Individual Times – WAC Meet 6/18/09

Individual Times – Beechwood Meet 6/22/09

Individual Times – City Meet 6/27/09

Individual Times – Heart of the Hills Meet 6/29/09

Individual Times – Beverly Hills Meet 7/6/09

Individual Times – Beechview Meet 7/9/09

Individual Times – B Finals Meet 7/18/09

2010 Swim Team Archive

The Swim Team program promotes the development of the member’s life long swimming skills, offers competitive experience against other summer swim clubs in the NSSL (Northwest Suburban Swim League) and the opportunity to meet and make friends that last long after the summer season. This ten-week program (practices start mid-May and championship finals are the last weekend in July) along with the Tennis Team program offer the fullest use of the Woodbrooke facility. And, more importantly, it’s fun!

2010 Schedule
Date Opponent Location Directions Results/Misc Sign Out
6/21/2010 BVSC WHSC home L: 293 – 274 sign out
6/24/2010 FGAC FGAC map L: 302 – 257 sign out
6/26/2010 City Meet KC map 3rd Place sign out
6/28/2010 WAC WHSC home L: 345 – 224 sign out
7/1/2010 BSC BSC map L: 317 – 255 sign out
7/8/2010 PR PR map L: 323 – 251 sign out
7/12/2010 KC WHSC home T: 284 – 284 sign out
7/17/2010 B Finals Mott map Results sign out
7/24/2010 A Finals – Prelims BWRA map Results – AM sign out
Results – Relays
Results – PM
7/25/2010 A Finals – Finals BWRA map Results
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2010 Tennis Team Archive



At Woodbrooke, everyone can find a fun way to improve their tennis skills and have fun! Opportunities for children include joining the tennis team (7 week commitment), group tennis lessons (1 week sessions), or private/semi-private lessons. In addition, we offer tennis programs and workouts for adults. Please read the following pages for information on the programs.

We’re proud to have John Hale, our head coach for the team and main instructor of lessons back for another year at Woodbrooke. John has been a certified USPTA teaching professional since graduating from Ferris State University’s Professional Tennis Management Program in 2001. In 2000, he represented Ferris in the USA Team Tennis National Championships, held in Austin, Texas. His teaching experience began in 1999 at the Livonia YMCA and then continued at Eastside Tennis and Fitness in Grosse Pointe, where he worked as a full-time teaching professional from 2001 through the summer of 2004. In the fall of 2004, John joined the Farmington Tennis Club staff and began working with both the Junior and Adult programs. John enjoys working with all ages and levels of players and is excited about meeting everyone at Woodbrooke.

In addition to Coach John, we’re happy to welcome back Jamie Loftus as well as another assistant TBA to help run the tennis team and lessons. Our goal is to maintain a ratio of between 6-10 players: 1 tennis instructor. We’re sure this low ratio will prove to be wonderful instruction for everyone and provide a safe and personal learning environment!

The possibility of group lessons for children or adults is available upon request. See John Hale or contact Theresa Walsh if interested. We can arrange a tennis workout around your schedule!

Feel free to contact the tennis chair with questions.

Tennis Chairperson,

Theresa Walsh (248) 477-8526

Tennis Chair:

Tennis Team Registration


If your child is 8 years or older, interested in being part of the Woodbrooke Hills Tennis Team and can commit for the majority of the 7 week program, June 21st -August 6th, please register by June 11th. Your child can be a member of the tennis team and swim team.

The team is divided into three levels: A, B and C. Each level has a 1 or 1 ½ hour practice M-TH, and then a match on Friday. Woodbrooke plays matches against 3 other tennis clubs: Kendallwood, Beechview, and Woodside. Children play doubles matches against players of similar ability. Although winning the match is fun, no pressure is put upon children and the focus is teamwork, skill improvement and most of all-FUN!

For 2010, there will be three levels of play in the tennis team as follows:

A TEAM This is the highest level of doubles competition – the most experienced match- and tournament-players. It compares to the high school level of competition, but players may be of any age. Greater mental and physical demands are made on players, and practice includes rigorous drills, stroke refinement and tactics.

B TEAM This level includes competitive players with match experience. Fundamentals are stressed and players learn to use them in competitive doubles match play. These players are often moved up to the A TEAM as their skill levels rise.

C TEAM This level is designed for novice players ages 8 and up. Playing on the C Team enables one to acquire basic skills, learn the game, and be on a team with their friends. Everyone gets to play and they will have a great time. Although no experience is necessary, we recommend that children be 8 years or older to join the team! During Friday matches, doubles play is offered for those who can serve and keep score, but group games are organized for the younger beginners. As their skill levels rise, players will be elevated to play on the B TEAM.


Players that have been on the Woodbrooke team before will automatically start on the team they were on last year. New players should make a guess (beginner =C team, intermediate = B team and advanced = A team). Coaches will observe players for the first week of practice and may move players to another level if needed. Team size is also an important factor, which the club pro will determine each season. Throughout the season, players may advance to another level of the team as skills improve. All decisions made by the coaches are in the best interests of the individual child as well as the whole team.




Practices will be held Monday – Thursday, June 21 and will end July 29. Except for vacations and/or illness, children are expected to attend all practices and arrive on time.

B TEAM 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM

A TEAM 10:30 AM – 12:00 AM

C TEAM 12:00 PM – 1:00 AM


A TEAM and B TEAM matches start at 12 PM. Players should arrive at 11:45 AM.

C TEAM matches start at 2:00 PM. Players should arrive at 1:45 PM.

FRIDAY, June 25 B TEAM at home A & C TEAMs at Beechview Directions

THURSDAY, July 1 A & C TEAMs at home B TEAM at Woodside Directions

FRIDAY, July 9 B TEAM at home A & C TEAMs at Kendallwood Directions

FRIDAY, July 16 A&C TEAMs at home B TEAM at Beechview Directions

FRIDAY, July 23 B TEAM at home A & C TEAMs at Woodside Directions

FRIDAY, July 30 A & C TEAMs at home B TEAM at Kendallwood Directions




TEAM SHIRTS – Team shirts will be passed out Friday, June 25th at 10:30 AM.

TEAM PICTURE DAY – June 25th 11:00 AM group photo Everyone should plan to stay for the group photo. Individual photos start at 10:30 AM and continuing after group photo.


The In-House Tournament is the Club’s competition between our own players. Play-offs between age groups will be held during the week of August 2 – 5th . Any player is invited to test their skills in singles matches against other players in their same age group. Trophies will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place winners. Exact times will be provided as the time approaches.


Woodbrooke will compete in The Gold Cup Tournament on Friday, August 6th. Woodbrooke’s top 20 players (A team and possibly top B team players) compete in this day-long event with our other area clubs. This is a tournament in which players earn points for their home team by winning singles matches against other club members of the same ranking. The Club with the most points wins this coveted trophy! Our players are always in top form as they look forward to winning. This is the year to bring that trophy home to Woodbrooke.


This End of Season Banquet is a celebration and award ceremony with dinner and fun for all. Parents are encouraged to attend, so mark your calendars. The concluding event is scheduled for Tuesday, August 10th at 6:00 PM.

Match Snacks:

Players get hungry and thirsty during their tennis matches. Snacks and beverages are provided by home team parents for members of both tennis clubs’ players. When your child plays away, snacks and drinks will be provided for them by the hosting team! Each parent is asked to bring a snack to share when your child plays at home. Snacks should consist of fruit, bagels, frozen gogurt, crackers, pretzels, granola bars… Please stay away from too-sugary junk food.


If you do not register your child for the 7 week Team Program, your child may be well suited for tennis lessons during the summer. You may sign up a child for any one week session (or more) anytime throughout the summer. What a great way to introduce tennis skills without the team commitment!


Children ages 6 and up have one hour sessions for tennis lessons. Pee Wee tennis is being offered in ½ hour sessions. All sessions are one week; Monday through Thursday. Sign up is required at the front desk. You may also choose another 4 lesson combination (ex. T and Th for 2 weeks). See Theresa Walsh to set this up.

Pee Wee (ages 3 – 5) 1:00 PM -1:30 PM Monday – Thursday

Hot Shots (ages 6 & up) 1:30 PM -2:30 PM Monday – Thursday


The following sessions are available:

Session I – June 21 – 24 Session II – June 28 – July 1

Session III – July 5 – 8 Session IV – July 12 – 15

Session V – July 19 – 22 Session VI – July 26 – 29


The registration fee for Hot Shots (ages 6 and up, 1 hour lessons) will be $25.00 per child for each weekly session. The fee for Hot Shots (ages 3-5, ½ hour) will be $15.00. Registration for these classes will be in person with in-office registration and payment due at the time of registration. We ask that you sign up by the Friday before each weekly session.


Tennis lessons for members will be available from John Hale on a private, semi-private and small group basis. All lessons should be arranged directly with the coach of preference. All lessons are given in the mornings prior to the Team practices (before 9:00 AM) or after any Junior Tennis lessons (after 2:30 PM). The lesson rates are:

Private lesson (1 hour) $45.00

Private lesson (1/2 hour) $22.50

Semi-Private (1 hour) $25/person


Organized practice for adults from 6:00 PM -7:30 PM every Wednesday. John Hale will lead this great tennis workout. The cost is $20 per member or $25 per guest. Sign up at the front desk.

Ladies Tennis – Friday mornings 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM. This is completely free! All adult ladies are invited to join this fun group for doubles tennis (no coach).

Tennis Team Registration

Tennis Chair:

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